Web Design

Gatorland Computers

Gatorland Computers MascotI created this site for a computer repair vendor in Gainesville, Florida. The site was built from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Only the gator mascot images were pre-existing. I combined them into one image for the 'About' page illustration.

Rhythm Method

I built this site for a Gainesville Jazz Band in which my wife (the pretty sax player) was a member. Alas, the band broke up and the site is no longer functioning, so all I have is this screenshot.



RadioSource.NET logoThis site began with a $50,000 grant from the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) and serves as a central distribution point on the Web for news stories generated by Land Grant universities about agriculture and extension-related topics.

Though I did not create the site myself, I co-wrote the grant proposal and oversaw the site's initial concept development and design.


Small Wurld Records

Small Wurld Records logoThis site I built for a friend who was endeavoring to start-up an independent hip-hop/R&B recording label. I created everything for this website, from the corporate logo to the interactive "equalizer" navigation menu. The company hung in there for a few years, but the music business is unforgiving, and eventually it closed its doors. The site is no longer up, so again, this is just a screenshot.



CDKOnline logoNaturally, I built the website you're currently looking at, as well.